installation incorporating performance, painting, sculpture
performance with Frances Orr, Paloma Menéndez and Casey Sheppard
curated by Bernard Leibov and KJ Baysa
photos by Tracey Fischer and Stacy Crochet
I am being reshaped… This paradise is a soul-wrenching hell filled with a winding line of heartbreaks – an endless gushing flood of miraculous blessings, blindingly radiant.

Love repeatedly melts into hatred of the darkest depths – energies of the earth rebirth my existence; demons invade my home and leave my sanity questioned – I speak face-to-face with Gods who are psychologically unstable themselves; warn out securities fall away to be replaced by fresh unexpected ones; sex is far less frequent – the most orgasmic; vampires suck out my soul and spit upon my burned away heart; my eyes are cleansed by tears upon witnessing the purity of this hyper-color-defined landscape; war bombs explode in my nightmarish sleep – dreams repeatedly come true; rednecks attack – women lie – mother’s/father’s love strengthens – faggots kick me out of bed and comfort me in their arms…

pro= move forward, by exposing
lapses= slips, my otherwise hidden and aching internal organs
…now freed and fallen out, bloody on the floor, fuck it.

…I display paintings mostly of red.
…I wear outfits of meat and recite poetry.
…hugs are optional.