BQ: drag performer, various venues, NEW YORK 2000 - 2006 - ?
SH: drag performer, various venues, LAS VEGAS and LOS ANGELES 2006 - 2009 - ?
photos by Krystal Ramirez, Heidi Herman, Jamie Scholnick, Fred Berger,
Kim Myers-Robertson and Brian
A young, Midwestern boy walked into Manitoba's one night. His jaw dropped upon seeing Mistress Formika and Candice Cane sprawled lovely and seductively across the bar. He was in love... he just had to meet these girls! Little did he know that once they sunk their fingernails into his naive Nebraska-boy flesh, he would be dressing just the same...

Barbie Q. hit the New York club scene on New Year's Day 2000. She has performed at Lips, Beige, Mother, CBGB's, Don Hill's, The Cock, The Hole, Mother Fucker... and has thrown numerous parties, such as Happy Jack Ho-Down, Truckstop, Tex-Ass, Porneoke, The Pit, Rednex & Ruffianz... but was best known for her bi-weekly karaoke party at The Blu Lounge in Williamsburg as the hipster area's first on-the-scene queen.

One day, Barbie finally decided to go through with the online correspondence driving course... she straightened her stockings, raided her pimp's flat for change, packed her satchels and patted dry mascara floods as she left her Brooklyn home in July of 2006. During her transition stage (not involving hormones this time) she momentarily changed her name to Sissy Hamstack. She tanned her vampire skin, put up her hair, and performed as a variety show hostess on The Las Vegas Strip. Eventually, her pool boy persuaded her to just stay home floating in the shallow end to read Danielle Steel and paint portraits of Fladoosha, her pot-belly pig.

It's a rare occasion that she will be seen in public; likely sipping her gin martini in a quite, dark corner somewhere, or perhaps donning her Blu-Blockers as she chain-smokes at her favorite penny-slot: Texas Tea. Today Barbie resides in Joshua Tree, for the most part, living a solitary "hairy" (un)wild-west lifestyle, listening to Bill Monroe and transforming her party gear of yesteryear into gardening mulch.