2-day performance with Tzanko Tchangov 
and Emily Rawlings
Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art 
(HVCCA), Peekskill, NY 2004
Over 100 international artists installed site-
specific works throughout the town of Peekskill 
on September 18th and 19th, 2004.
With escalating global turmoil, the 2004 pres-
idential election close-at-hand and politcal 
uncertainty in the eyes of an uninformed voting 
public, US vs. THEM was a 2-day public-space 
performance designed to address such American 
illusions and confusions; that the blue and red 
platforms were essentially the same. The photo-
grapher for this project (Emily Rawlings) was 
dressed in green to represent another side-
lines party.
Day 1 - Aaron Sheppard, dressed in blue, and 
Tzanko Tchangov, in red, walked the streets of 
Peekskill, knocked on doors and entered estab-
lishments in search of voter support. Milk 
crates were used as portable "soap boxes". Each 
passed out identical propoganda on colored 
fliers and stickers respective of their party's 
color: "CHOOSE your alliegance; BELIEVE in us; 
FIGHT for freedom". "Vote for US, not for 
THEM!" was the slogan heard across this land. 
Fellow Americans wore stickers of their chosen 
party to show their support.
Day 2 - First ladies battled it out on the 
front lawn of the new HVCCA building during 
it's grand opening. At an adjacent school yard, 
children got involved in a blue vs. red water 
balloon fight. These outspoken first ladies 
then headed straight to the podium during the 
ceremony speaches to get out the word of "Vote 
for US, not for THEM!"
-Aaron Sheppard
project statement
all photographs by Emily Rawlings