Lustre Flux
live variety show w/ skits, music, performance
Thunderbird Lounge, Aruba Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
2007 - 2008
A variety act incorporating music, comedic sit-
uation, poetry and story-telling Lustre Flux 
was intended to be a Prairie Home Companion 
spin-off with Las Vegas culture and flare. The 
2-hour-long show was presented to attendees as 
a radio broadcast of live performance located 
between the new and old strips, in the shadow 
of The Stratosphere Casino. Local talent and 
color were invited to participate with regular 
Created, hosted, organized by: Aaron Sheppard 
(as Sissy Hamstack), David Sanchez-Burr (as DJ 
Huevos Fritos) and Justin Favela (as Favy)
Additional participants included: Diana Mateer, 
Lake Newton, Erin Stellmon, Danielle Kelly, Yo 
Fukui, Ben Harwood, Simone Curila, Rebecca Just, 
Krystal Ramirez, Mary-Margaret Stratton, Carey 
Stratton, Stephen Hendee, Mark Grothman, Wendy 
Kveck, Jessica Martineau, Ginger Bruner, Jens 
Lustraeten, Jessenia Paz, and others.

all photographs by Lake Newton