Landscape; or, The Modern Epimetheus for
Conceptualizing the Body: Gaze, Masquerade 
and Spectacle
Amelie A. Wallace Gallery, SUNY College at 
Old Westbury, Old Westbury, NY 2011
site-specific painting, install, performance
Foresight as Prometheus:
By placing myself behind a sheet of Plexiglas I hope 
to explore meanings and conceptions of performance 
versus painting.  Paint will be moved across the 
transparent canvas with gestural movements, applied 
by the body.  I plan to begin with the clear surface 
covered in white, "blank."  Little by little more 
paint and color will be added, removed, dripped, 
pressed or flung across, eaten...  Compositions will 
change during the three hours I project to create and 
will be dictated as I view it from my reversed per-
…German for reverse glass painting, is a process and 
technique that reverses the gaze of the artist from 
that of the viewer.  Thus, perhaps the viewer has the 
advantage vantage possessing both the perspective of 
process and artistic intent simultaneously.  Figure 
and landscape combine within an abstract communica-
tion of the artist's mind only visible by the viewer.  
Where then is the fixed view point; the intent or ex-
pression; is the composition void or complete with 
harmony; is it possible for multiple pieces to exist 
simultaneously as paint seems to pull itself across 
the canvas as a through-the-looking-glass strip tease? 
Am I as figure within the frame painter or performer 
or the painting itself?  Willem de Kooning said "the 
landscape is in the Woman and there is Woman in the l
andscape."  At moments my own figure may be more app-
arent and "incorporated" into the canvas.  I'm inter-
ested in observing (or perhaps, rather, viewers ob-
serving) whether lines blur between definitions of 
performance, painting as object, landscape, portrait, 
or abstraction.
Hindsight as Epimetheus:
Prometheus in Greek mythology is credited with provid-
ing mortals with the knowledge of fire defiant to the 
wishes of the gods.  Prometheus thus passed along his 
own "foresight" to mortals, imperative for advancement 
in thought and engineering.  As well, Frankenstein 
granted life to his monster and like Prometheus was 
tortured since-forth for his actions.  Epimetheus, 
however (representing "afterthought"), provides a 
balance by observing current conditions without 
thought.  Epimetheus shares the knowledge of depend-
ency upon one another.  This was Frankenstein's down-
fall and so his creation's downfall as well; he pro-
vided no acceptance, relationship or nurturing to his 
creation even after its incessant howling cries for 
" 'You are my creator, but I am your master: obey!' "
-from Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus by Mary 
Wollstonecraft Shelley    
Yves Klein's Anthropometries
Jackson Pollock working on a glass surface, 1950
Marilyn Mintor's "Green and Pink Caviar"
Nang Talung
Regina Reim
-Aaron Sheppard
 original project statement
acrylic on Plexiglas

in front of portraits by Alexander Haessner