AOTM (Asians On The Moon) BOMBshell for
Yokohama Boogie: Under the Influence
ZAIM, Yokohama, Japan 2007

5-day performance, installation, comic book
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I chose AOTM BOMBshell as the title of this 
piece combining English language meanings and 
connotations with its characters visually re-
sembling those of Japanese kana: AOTM = ムロイホ. 
This is an acronym for Asians On The Moon and 
is the major concept for my installation, Yoko-
hama being the first of earth to colonize the 
moon. AOTM (pronounced “atom”) also serves as 
the name of a large female persona that will 
facilitate this mission. This project/ persona 
is a product of opposites converging: Western 
with Eastern influences; female with male per-
sonalities; glitz/glamour with technology and 
ritual-based practices, Las Vegas and Yokohama 
morphing into one collective unit promoting 
ideal notions I as artist hold for each place.

The word atom in the english language relates 
to building blocks, energy and destruction in 
its weapon form. Atomic radiation was the 
creator of such oversized cult demolitionists 
as Godzilla (in Japan) and The 50ft Woman (in 
America). In English, Adam (pronounced nearly 
exactly the sameas atom) is believed by the 
Christian religion to be the first man on 
earth. In this exhibition, AOTM is the first 
“bombshell” (or sexually iconicwoman) on the 
moon. Given my tall physical appearance and 
affinity for wearing women’s clothes I thought
this concept an appropriate way to relay ideas
of globalization specifically considering these 
two cultures. Mygoal in developing the AOTM
persona is to actively portray collective con-
structive ideas and actions rather than promot-
ing destructive forcesnormally associated with
anything especially large and atomic.

I created a flag that references the Japanese 
national flag insofar as instead of a red sun 
on a white background it represents a white 
moon on a hot pink background. Pink represents 
femininity, playfulness, eroticism and flare. 
Other references to pink include: Elvis’ pink 
cadillac, Barbie dolls, pink triangles associat-
ed with homosexual profiling and/or pride, 
Bubblegum Manga, Pachinko advertising …called 
shocking pink in the 1930s, hot pink in the 
1950s, and kinky pink in the 1960s...[it] has 
appeared in the vanguard of more than one youth some it sings, to others it 
screams. It is often used as a slang term to 
refer to the female genitalia. This color has 
always been popular among the avant-garde. 
Soft-core adult films in Japan are often called 
pink movies because the color cherry blossom 
pink is associated in Japan with the vagina.
AOTM (Asians On The Moon) BOMBshell- Day 1,2,3: Build Build Build; Day 4:Bulldoze, 2007
for Yokohama Boogie: Under the Influence at ZAIM
Yokohama, Japan

video work by DJ Shadow, Klaus Schaffler; curated by KJ Baysa
AOTM (Asians On The Moon) BOMBshell- Day 5: Launch, 2007
for Yokohama Boogie: Under the Influence at ZAIM
Yokohama, Japan

video work by DJ Shadow, Klaus Schaffler; curated by KJ Baysa
Day 1: Build (Gaysha Presley outfit)




I obtained the signatures of 76 local individuals in total: 44 in favor
of going to the moon with me...
...31 not interested; 1 who signed that she would like to go “later”

Day 3: Build (KISS McNuggets outfit)

Day 4: Recruit and Bulldoze (Stardusted Foul Balls outfit)

Day 5: Launch (Moonbase Security outfit)
AOTM BOMBshell manga cover and inside cover

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